About Us

Our Vision

We want to be a community where:

  • people of all ages encounter the living God.

  • we care for one another and find refreshment.

  • people from all parts of our diverse local community are represented.

  • people are nurtured and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

  • we learn to be prayerful and generous.

  • creativity is free-flowing.

Our Team

Al Rycroft

Andy Hagon

Anne Wooldridge
Community & Pastoral Team Leader

Lucy Baines and Dan Baines
Children & Families Team Leaders

Sam Nunes
Associate Pastor
and Students Team Leader

Jo Bloss - Churchwarden
Matt Neale - Church Warden
Ross Watson - PCC Treasurer
David Stirk - Property and Fabric
Tom Dennis - PCC Secretary
Gerald Snowden - Deanery Synod Rep

Viv Pennock

Dave pennock

Pete Platts
Ruth Dunlop
Will Mitchell
Kerry Baldwin

Alison Taylor - Safeguarding Lead